There is an ever growing amount of details to understand when designing and managing operations in today's complex environments, and as they say, the devil is in the details.

Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, we give you the tools to easily understand and communicate what really drives your KPIs, and what you should do to improve how your business operates



Organisations are facing an increasingly complex operating environment, where linking high level outcomes and KPIs to individual actions is often very difficult. They also create and collect large amounts of data as a part of their normal operations, but often that data never gets used because of lack of resources and capabilities.

Combining these challenges into an opportunity, we have built an advanced analytical solution that uses existing data to create analytical models of complex systems and end-to-end processes, such as customer fulfilment chains of industrial companies or health care systems in a multi-provider environment. Our solution links high level KPIs to individual orders or customers, and creates a new level of understanding on what really drives for example quality, profitability or customer satisfaction.

Using this detailed understanding you can plan and prioritise your development actions, focus on areas that make a difference in your key business metrics, and track the effectiveness of actions after they have been implemented.

Read more about our solutions for manufacturing industry, healthcare and insurance, logistics, and service operations.



Datacrane was set up by experienced engineers with background in data-analytics, operations development, management consulting and investment banking. In our previous positions we were continuously frustrated by limited use of modern approaches in solving complex problems such as improving customer fulfilment chains, patient flows, or supporting operations development driven turnaround cases.

We help our customers’ business development to leap to the next level by utilising advanced analytics, algorithms, AI and simulation to enable decision making based on actual data and derived knowledge.

We have helped our customers use their data to drive improvement in industries ranging from manufacturing to logistics and insurance. In addition to these projects, our experts bring the knowledge of 100+ high level development cases they have done during their careers and experience in building data-analytics driven businesses.



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