Our mission is to help our customers improve their operational performance through advanced analytics. We use advanced analytical tools to merge, blend, analyse and simulate data, and build connections all the way from raw data to actionable insights to improve business' performance and customer and employee communication. Together with you, we use advanced analytics and our business transformation experience to efficiently find the right ways to empower the business and to drive improvement throughout your organisation.


Why should you work with us?

Actionable Operational Insight

Our focus is in delivering results that lead to tangible improvements in your business. We aim to understand what the key levers are to make an impact, and provide insight to act on them. Data analysis is a brilliant tool to help you prioritise your existing business development initiatives based on quantified expected impact. In addition, data analysis nearly always brings up new development ideas and actions.

We won't stop the work at crunching the data, but will always ensure that at the end of a project you will have actual improvement actions and ideas at hand.

Quick Results and Benefit Sharing

The traditional approach of implementing the required software and integrating it with existing systems is very costly, and takes a long time. By performing the analyses on our own platform instead of implementing a new analysis platform every time we start working with a new customer, we are able to provide the insight from our analyses in days.

We are dedicated to achieving tangible results, and therefore tie a bulk of our fees to actual measurable results of the analysis.

Advanced Analytics Beyond Dashboards

While building data integrations and visualisations is a good start for data analytics, there is much more that can be done. We specialise in merging information from different data sets and building advanced analytics and simulations to enrich data to gain new insights and to help your business.

Whether you are only getting started with analytics, or are already utilising dashboards in your daily work, we can provide you with something that will help you get more out of your data.

Reduce Workload and Develop Analytical Capabilities

Most companies have limited resources to work on improvement projects, especially people with analytical capabilities. Our way of working requires very little resources on your side, and gives your people more time to work on implementing improvements. Our analytics work and results also give you a head start when you want to develop your own internal capabilities further.

With our services we do all the hard work, and you get actionable insights quickly.

Understanding Your Business

We use our experience in leading hands-on improvement projects with senior management to ensure we provide the critical insight that really makes a difference. We have experience in both building business models utilising new technologies, and driving internal improvement with them.

We will not only offer you a generic technological tool, we will leverage our past experiences and tailor the analyses together with you to ensure they are relevant to your business

Founding team

Henrik Lano

Henrik is a co-founder of Datacrane, and an expert in advanced data analytics and operational excellence, having worked in management consulting, big data analytics and operations improvement in various industries. His focus has always been in combining the understanding of both technology and business to enable companies to gain the full benefits of new technologies, which is in the core of Datacrane's philosophy. Henrik holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

Ari Kronholm

Ari is a co-founder of Datacrane and an experienced consultant. He has helped tens of companies with data driven turnarounds, financing, M&A and business development while working at PwC and boutique consultancies. Ari is passionate about finding the right levers to create long-lasting value and he makes sure Datacrane’s analysis focus on issues that truly matter for the clients. Ari holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology with a specialisation in Operations Research.

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