Industrial manufacturing has long traditions in using data to drive improvement, but this is often done focusing on a small part of the entire customer fulfillment chain at a time. By building an analysis model on the entire chain, from sales order and planning to inbound logistics, manufacturing and outbound logistics, we can see interdependencies that would not be seen looking only at a part of the whole end-to-end picture.

Our customers use our analysis for driving cost improvements, higher utilisation, improved lead times, and simulating different demand and supply scenarios to plan for investments.

  • • Creating dynamic value stream mapping of every product enables taking Lean approach to the next step
  • • Compared to the traditional way of looking at an ideal process and estimating where the largest problems are, analytics enables using real data even in most complex environments to see where challenges are and therefore allows focusing improvement on them
  • • A key challenge in using analytics is lack of business control resources. We use AI to dramatically reduce time required to analyse data to identify anomalies, enabling your analytical resources to spend their time on solving problems, not looking for them.

As an example of a use case, we can consider the following:

Looking at your BI dashboard and seeing that your first pass yield for the previous 14 days has dropped from 98% to 95% is something that most manufacturing leaders have encountered, and is something that might trigger launching a project, assigning someone to investigate, or waiting to see if the dip is temporary. In a complex manufacturing environment it is often very difficult to identify root causes behind movements in KPIs.

But what if you knew that during the last week, out of hundreds of stations in the facility, 70% of the products with quality issues passed through the same assembly station? And further still, only seems to affect products that passed that station during the evening shift? With this knowledge, instead of starting to investigate, you can immediately move to remedy something that appears to be a very specific training issue.

With our analytical solution, you can utilise the power of advanced analytics and AI to do the tedious investigative work, and your experts will have more time to focus on solving the issues and bringing your KPIs back to green.


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