Even simple processes typically have hundreds or thousands of alternatives how they can happen in real life. Our process discovery analysis shows you the real life situation, with insight on outcomes for different paths that the process can take. We enrich the process data and use analytics to highlight key drivers for outcomes within the myriad variations the process may have, enabling you to focus improvement on where it matters the most. 

Using existing data and our analysis model we can build value stream maps of every single service entity to take the next step in lean improvement initiatives. Compared to the traditional way of looking at an ideal process and estimating where the largest problems are, analytics enables using real data even in most complex environments to see where challenges are and therefore allows focusing improvement on them. A key challenge in using analytics is lack of business control resources. We use AI to dramatically reduce time required to analyse data to identify anomalies, enabling your analytical resources to spend their time on solving problems, not looking for them.

As an example, few questions that can be answered with our analyses are:

  • • How much variation there is in our processing times, where does it come from, and are there systematic factors causing delays that can be removed to improve service?
  • • What is the total cost for our end-to-end processes, and how much variation there is?
  • • What are the best predictors for negative customer feedback after contact to our services, and can we change our processes so that entry to those service pathways is closed?


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